Terms of Service


Here at Multiverse we take pride in our servers and the high standard and up-keeping we maintain. These high standards are only possible through the generous contributions and additions of our community members. In return for these contributions we take every care in our security and ensure that all donations made are treated with only the highest levels of security and care. This means our donations are handled through a third party, PayPal; to ensure every security measure available to us is taken to keep your data and monetary information secure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I transfer my packages to someone else or to another Multiverse Server?:
Please note that all packages are non-transferable and any transfer requests will be denied unless organised beforehand with Management. If you want to purchase a package for a gift please ensure you enter the steamID of the person you are gifting too at the checkout.

I didn't mean to donate! Can I refund?:
Donations are donations. They are non-refundable. We can offer you a package as a thank you for the donation but will not, under any circumstance, be able to return the donation to you. This is due to taxation of donations. We fully appreciate any and all donations, whether intentional or otherwise, and they are all invested back into server funds and server expansion. Please note: We have a zero tolerant policy on chargebacks, and all chargebacks are a permanent bannable offence.

My package got removed?:
Your donation package may have been removed as a bug or database wipe or may have been removed as a result of abuse. If the donation package is abused you will forfeit your package. Donating does not give any extra perks outside of role-play and admins will not give any different or preferential treatment to those who have donated.If you do not believe you abused your donation package, please contact Management with proof of purchase and it will be looked into and re-instated if possible.

I didn't get my package?:
Please either contact a staff member in our Discord or InGame for your package to be applied if you have not been given it automatically by our system. Do not spam any staff members, as this will delay you receiving your package. Patience is key when requesting the adding of your package. Be sure to have evidence of purchase.

How is my data protected?:
Here at Multiverse Gaming we are very strict on player data, therefore all personal data is stored on the website which can only be viewed by the Owner for transaction purposes. We ensure the most uptight security which is through a 3rd party system (Paypal) and all rules & policies are followed and enforced subjected by law - The UK Data Protection Act of 2018.

If you have any further questions please create a ticket on our discord

Thank you
The Multiverse Gaming Management Team